Animal Farm
By George Orwell

John Ferguson
Jill Worthington
Nicholas Leftwich
George Jones
Leigh Edgecombe
Rebekah Patterson
Elsie Pearce
Tyler Cockerell (Johnson)
Samuel Surry


Artwork, set and photography
Nigel Skinner

Margaret Clements

James McDonagh

Adapted by
Denise Meller
James McDonagh
Denise Meller
Adapted from the novel by George Orwell. The animals of Manor Farm revolt and win their freedom. All seems perfect for a while, until the pigs, their self-appointed leaders, begin to show their true colours.
George Orwell's allegorical novel was published at the end of the second world war, it has been called "The most important work of fictional political satire to be written in twentieth century England" (Malcolm Bradbury). It concerns the overthrow of a farmer by the animals that inhabit the farm. Orwell wrote it after fighting in the Spanish civil war, seeing at first hand the communist purges of the Spanish leftists'. These and the incidents that led up to WW11 are reflected everywhere within the novel. We had adapted the novel as meticulously as possible, using Orwell's own words wherever we could. Orwell subtitled this "A Fairy Story" and we had tried to embody this idea with the staging.

Denise Meller
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