Dealer's Choice
Restaurant owner Stephen is looking forward to his weekly game of poker, but when one of the regulars drops out and is replaced by a stranger, the stakes are raised and tensions are stretched to breaking point.
This emotionally charged black comedy unfolds over the course of one testosterone fuelled night; where friendships are pushed to the limit and a father and sonís fragile relationship comes to an inexorable conclusion.

John Ferguson
Eamonn Dunne
Nicholas Leftwich
Joe Meller
Leigh Edgecombe
George Jones


Artwork and photography
Nigel Skinner

Denise Meller
James McDonagh
By Patrick Marber
"An exceptionally accomplished first play...Though I know of nothing about poker, I testify to the compulsive grip the play exerts and to the accumulation of meaning it ignites in your head."
Financial Times

"Patrick Marbers enthralling close-up of the demons which drive compulsive gamblers is among the finest new plays in many a year...not since The Cincinnati Kid has a poker game held so much dramatic tension."
Daily Mail
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